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Half life 2 leon

Рекомендуется для прохождения. Эх моя первая half-life 2 на компьютер, у меня по прежнему диск лежит с игрой там был и мод и оригинальная игра. Эх стока ностальгии. Но вообще мод кдассный ,мне понравилось.

Ваше имя: Ваш email: Данные Игра: Куплю дисковую пилу в городе Москва. Циркулярная пила. Курсы рисования в Москве Поиск Недвижимости в г. Аренда, Продажа Недвижимости. Episode One Half-Life 2: And when the. That is all. About doors etc being bright white sometimes till you shift your view a bit.

I do remember that error or bug and i knew what did cause it but it has been years now that i mapped with Source that i forgot what it caused it.

When these maps were released that bright white effect was not in it, but as i said, the maps are 13 years old and makde with Source Over the years Steam has updated Hammer and the Source engine at least about 6 times and each time major things changed. So i assume that bright white effect has caused by these updates or the fact that they were made on Source and now run on Source. When you see Loading on screen then a new map is loading.

Although it looks like you spawn in the same map. This i did on purpose. Say map 1 end in a hallway, then i start map 2 with the exact same hallway.

But you will see that it is not possible to walk backwards олимп букмекерская контора фото to map 1.

Which is in all official Hl2 maps and most HL2 mods possible. I always hated that, because before you knew it when you walked around the previous map spawned again, and you had to spawn back again to the new map.

I tried to build indeed a whole town on a as small as possible place. But as i said before, this mappack was more a test for me to see how the editor worked and what was all possible.

And at the same time to still make a few as decent maps as possible.

My later mods are much better if i may say so myself. Specially my last Ep3;The Closure mod, which i worked on for 5,5 full years, and which takes around 20 hours or so to play. Personally i think that that is my best mod, at least Source mod. But my other 3 Source mods are also quit ok. And about the difficulty.

Скачать Half Life 2 LEON (2005/RUS) через торрент

I assume that because you play HL1 on Hard you are used to hard combat, and that is why these maps are quit dull in combat to you. They have the original settings qua weapons, ammo health etc. Because of the many enemies placed, and how they attack.

I love to let them attack the player in different ways, which makes them harder to kill. One of my famous ways is to place the attack point behind the player, lol. So the enemie has to run through the player so to speak to get to that point, while he is shooting at the player.

Such fun to set such fights up! I have to say I spoke to soon about it being too easy. I was at the point right where you go down the corner stairs with two ammo boxes and the moment you step out the door you are confronted with a dozen or so Combine soldiers.

Retreating back to the hallway I was able to dispatch them easily enough one at a time and with cover, but when I initially rushed out the door I got slammed and had to reload. The fire fights from then on were better, but I noticed a few things. The path finding was off. A few times there would be a short lull in the firefight and some soldier just walks on by like Dora singing "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming And then there are times the soldiers are just standing facing the wall for no apparent reason.

There is no window there or anything.

Half Life 2 LEON / Half Life 2 LEON [P] [RUS / RUS] (2005) торрент скачать бесплатно

The white walls and doors was rare, so no worries. I mean if it can be fixed for others than by all means, but it is all good. I preferred the map style, minus the hang ups on certain objects like the one I previously mentioned and at the very end where you get hung up on things and die Also the text for objectives could of lasted a wee bit longer and or had an objective button you could look at.

A lot of the time it went букмекер паба faster than I could read. Either I was currently fighting or my attention was else where in the game. All in all it was a good game however and I am glad I actually downloaded it and I will try the others that you have made.

Leon SP-mappack mod for Half-Life 2

May I ask how long it took you to make this particular mod and did you have any prior experience with HL2 or HL1 or work on any other games or knew how to code prior to this mod? That is also why the combines do act sometimes funny. I just placed them and made some of them run to a certain point and attack from there on the player. Only later on in other mods i started to learn what i all could do with combines and there attack modes.

Which makes them behave much better, still, that came i believe in my 3th or 4th mod. And, it has to be said. All beginners mistakes, lol. So overall i already had quit a good mapping experience. I kept mapping with HL2 episode2 for about 13 years or so. I stopped 2 years ago, after i released my 5th mod called Ep3: The CLosure.

Although many people find Strider Mountain and or Coastline to Atmosphere better.

But that comes because those are build only out of HL2 assets. Играть интересно. Действие происходит в городе. Воюем в основном с комбинами. Причем иногда они встречаются кучками по несколько, а иногда просто толпами.

Также есть места, в основном это заброшенные улочки и подземелья, где встретимся с мозгососами и шустрыми зомби. Продвижение по уровню можно сравнить со спиралью — извилистыми путями ходим по этажам одних и тех же зданий. Причем все это очень даже интересно. Особых сложностей. Изредка придется напрячь извилины в поисках дальнейшего пути, но это будет очень редко.

Нужно просто хорошенько смотреть по сторонам. Геймплей несколько однообразен и линеен. Просто идем вперед и отстреливаем всех встречных-поперечных. Автор видно понимает это и поэтому изредка разбавляет все это миссиями по нажиманию кнопок для дальнейшего пути.