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Kings of leon pyro

Эльдар Далгатов? Парни Кавказские Natan feat. Edgar В Небо Улетай. Denis Manhattan и Кравц feat. Ilaila За Плечи. Би-2 feat. Пожалуйста, включите JavaScript Он необходим для работы плеера. King of Leon - Sex On Fire. София Тарасова. Лепестки Белых Роз.

Арина Войт. Данил Буранов. Ты Готов Услышать Нет?

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Я Твоя Пропаганда. Наталья Могилевская feat. Arthur Dennys.

Айдамир Мугу. Влада Яковлева. Михаил Балясинский и Влад Топалов. Доминик Джокер и Линкор.

Моя Кровь Течет В Тебе. Вместе Сможем Все. The end of the song says "watch her roll The JC interpretation above is totally wrong and totally lame. Does anyone know what the theme of the video is?

Is it about facing Judgement Day? Is it about the sinning of man? Why do the nice people in the video rise first, then the bad people? Is it about their sins being forgiven? Its hard not to expect what you already know is going to happen.

The comment about the separatist family is correct. One of the members did an interview on Sirius and stated it. I personally think this song is truly moving. What my interpretation is getting out of a destructive situation because in the music video, in a bar, a pedophile is with an elementary school girl and getting her drunk, probably to take advantage of her, there is a stripper who looks sickly, a man who stands up for a woman who is being verbally abused by her boyfriend and stands up for him, but is brutally beaten, and a very obese woman with a sick veteran and in the end, the Sbobet Рабочее in trouble all float away toward a light, what I think symbolizes a new beginning, the girl escaping the pedophile, the stripper doing something better with her life, the man brutally beaten having his wounds healed and the woman he stood up for being OK, and the woman, I believe, passing away, allowing the veteran to get the correct help he needs.

It truly is haunting and beautiful and is my favorite Kings of Leon song, for there is so much emotion poured into the lyrics.

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My interpretation of the cornerstone was a literal cornerstone. The cornerstone of a building is the first stone set and it determines where the rest of the stones on a foundation are set.

It determines the position of the entire structure. There is nothing left to do but to burn it all away and start again. Find something more meaningful to hold on to. The Kings of Leon are just trying to tell us to keep moving forward and take one step at a time and just live your life. Its experiences like that, that make us the people we are everyday. I heard one of the band members talking about the song. It was inspired by an incident where a separatist family had a lethal encounter with the govt.

He said this was a story from the perspective of someone who believed in his cause, but came to realize he was a part of the ugliness that he rallied against. Hence, he could not be the cornerstone. Firstly an awesome song the band have really moved on from the storm that was Only By The Night. I think this song is about some one who feels like they are second best in a relation ship.

Перевод текста песни Kings of Leon - Pyro

The person here is at a loss with no direction in their life. They want no reminder of what used to be Its quite dark and pensieve i think. Alot of death metaphorically and realistically emotionally and physically. Great tune, simple but quite deep. Stays with you.