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Betfair winnings

Another option is to subscribe to a mobile Betfair application that you can access through a mobile phone or PDA. For more information about these products, go to http: For example, say that you want to back Phil Taylor to win the World Darts Championship, but feel that at 1. No problem. You just ask to back Phil Taylor at 1. Choose the selection you want to back. Say that the best odds available to back the selection are 2. In the example shown in FigureI ask for odds of 2.

The confirmation screen will appear. Your back bet has now been placed on the system. Now you just wait to see whether anyone is prepared to match you. Placing Your First Bet 69 Figure You can do exactly the same when you want to lay a selection, but in this case, you need to decrease the odds you offer in Step 6 to decrease your liability.

Figuring Out Matched and Unmatched Bets Betfair matches up people with different opinions on how an event will unfold, and a bet is struck.

The more common situation is that one person is matched against many. To view the status of your bet, click the My Bets tab on the right-hand side of the screen as seen in Figure You see how much of your bet has been matched and how much is unmatched. You can manage any unmatched or partially matched bets using the My Bets tab.

Placing Your First Bet 71 Betfair always does the best it can! In Decembera horse called Wodhill Gold was the favourite for a race at Wolverhampton racecourse, being available to back at odds of around 4. During the contest, Wodhill Gold began to struggle. Because Betfair uses a queuing system that always matches up customers at the best possible trust bet com заработок, those who had wanted to back the horse at odds of Four Betfair customers, however, retained their faith in the horse and asked to back it in-running at various odds up to This kind of thing happens everyday on Betfair, although this instance is unusual because Wodhill Gold, who looked to have no chance of winning at halfway, recovered dramatically to snatch victory on the line.

In a strange turn of events, during the few seconds that elapsed while the customers were entering their bet requests, the horse began to struggle further, and another Betfair customer offered to lay the horse at the maximum odds of 1, Less good news for the one customer who laid the bets!

If some or all your bet is unmatched, you can cancel it or adjust either the stake or the odds and then resubmit the bet. Unfortunately, this generosity is not the case! Betfair makes money by charging you a Промокод Марафон Бк on your net winning in a market.

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If you lose money in a market, you pay no commission. The MBR is set at 5 per cent for most markets. The MBR can be found in the Rules tab on the righthand side of any market. Now multiply this number by your net winnings.

My dad was a horse-racing fan and he took me to the races a lot as a kid. On one of those occasions, I must have placed my first bet with his help.

Whenever that first bet happened, at some point I became hooked — probably because I liked the sensation of winning money for nothing. Longterm profits are not achieved стратегия на букмекерской конторе finding winners, but by finding value.

I outline some different ways of assessing value bets, and describe why having more than one bet on an event can sometimes be worthwhile. The bet lost! Maybe professional punters are unwilling to accept that they are ever wrong and a fair few of them are! Professional gamblers know that winning every time is not the most important thing.

The important thing is that when you do win, the profit makes up for any previous losses and then some. Value is defined as getting better odds on the event you are betting on than the chance of it occurring. The best example of value is tossing a coin. The answer is, of course, that it depends on the odds.

Doing the Maths 77 offers you 2. If someone offers you 1. The true odds of it being heads are 2.

Adding It All Up Determining whether something has value requires an understanding of the maths behind betting. Every betting market on Betfair, for every event, has a series of odds available for people to back.

Making a book is how traditional bookmakers ensure that they make long-term profits. Table shows a typical book on a Rugby Union international. These odds imply that New Zealand has a To work out the implied percentage chance that any odds represent, simply do the following calculation: France is offered at 3. The draw is offered at The crucial point is that the implied percentages calculated from the odds add up to per cent and yet the real chance of any of the three outcomes occurring is per cent — one of these outcomes must happen.

Bookmakers build in the extra 10 per cent into the odds offered to ensure that they make a profit in the long run. Doing the Maths 79 The per cent figure is known as an overround.

If the figure ever drops below per cent, the book goes overbroke, because the possibility then exists of you backing all the selections to the correct stake and guaranteeing yourself a profit.

If a disproportionate amount of money is bet on one selection that goes on to win, the bookmaker loses money. Betfair displays the overround above the back and lay columns of every market. The lower the overround, the more competitive the market. Getting the Value If value is getting better odds than the actual chance of something happening, all you need to assess is the chance of something happening so that you know the right bet to make.

Getting value is that simple! A number of ways exist in which you can do this, but all the approaches fit broadly into two areas: In the first innings, England has scored — 6, and so Pakistan is now favourite to win the match, being available to back at 1. You have to ask yourself whether these are the right odds or not. So at this point you have to assess the situation: England has every chance of being able to take wickets just as quickly when Pakistan starts batting.

As Pakistan needs only a draw to win the series, the team is unlikely to take any risks by playing for a win. The reduced playing time means that a struggling side is more likely to force a draw. On the basis of all this information, you decide that Pakistan is currently being offered at too short odds; you decide to lay them at 1. This approach is not especially новое зеркало сайта марафон, but you have methodically assessed the situation and come to a considered opinion.

You may not be right, but if your knowledge is good enough you have every reason to believe that this approach is going to reap benefits in the long run. And this approach is applicable to all events — from TV reality shows to tennis matches. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

If you are analysing a market and feel that the odds are completely wrong on a particular selection, you need to ask yourself if you have all the available information to hand.

Are you unaware of something that is affecting the odds? Using data If you have a particular aptitude for data and statistics, you can apply this knowledge to seeking value bets. One of the most common ways that bettors do this is through the use of ratings systems.

A ratings system is where you try to apply a numerical value to a sporting performance. By doing this, you are better able to predict future performances.

For example, in soccer, when a team at the top of a league plays a team at the bottom of a league, the former is the most likely to win. However, this example is very simplistic, and so many bettors decide to build much more complex ratings systems that include variables such as overall performance, goals scored, and goals conceded.

Марафонбет на ios bettors also utilise trends and statistics. For example, you may know that ten out of the last ten winners of a particular horse-race had all won over a distance of at least three miles before going on to win the race in question.

You may also know that 80 per cent of players winning the first set of a tennis match on a particular surface, go on to win the match.

Again, having this knowledge is invaluable is assessing whether an in-play bet in a tennis match represents value. Combining knowledge and data The reality is that very few bettors use only knowledge or data see Using your knowledge and Using data, above. Even the most hardened data junkies usually sense-check the figures using their knowledge of a particular event. Two bettors, who later became known as the Hole-In-One-Gang, found a statistic that surprised them — in roughly one out of every two professional golf tournaments, a player achieved a hole-in-one.

Most of the bookmakers offered them huge odds, so the two bettors placed a number of relatively small bets. Evidence, if needed, that statistics can be an invaluable tool in any betting armoury. And taking this dual approach is the most likely way to guarantee long-term profits. Analysis of data is usually a great starting point, offering an instant view of what the correct odds should be. However, using the data alone is unlikely to be as successful as thinking through what the data is telling you.

For example, your data may tell you that a golfer has a 25 per cent chance of winning a tournament. You see that he is available at Combining the approaches in this way can be critical to making goods bets and eliminating bad ones. And yet these drivers are available at odds of Having more than one bet in a market in this way is known as dutching.

Or maybe you think that a tennis player can win a match but are worried that her serve will let her down. You can back and lay in exactly the same way as before an event starts. See Chapter 5 for more on backing and laying. The main difference is that the available odds move much more quickly as Betfair customers react to what is happening in the event. One fascinating aspect of in-play betting is that often the Betfair market can provide as much information about an event as watching the event itself.

Knowing What Is In-Play If you plan to specialise in betting during events, you need to know which ones will go in-play. Betting In-Play 87 Betfair uses a large tick, which appears on screen with a green background, shown in Figureto indicate whether an event is in-play or not. Watch for this tick in the event menu, on the homepage, or within a market itself so you know when the event in question has started.

The famous tick tells you an event has started. You can check which events will go in-play in three main ways: Located on the right-hand side of the homepage, this section displays any upcoming events that you can bet on in-play. On the right-hand side of any market, you can see a panel.

The Betfair TV schedule outlines all the popular events coming up that week, shows you where you can watch them, and displays the green tick if Betfair is going to cover the event in-play. Managing In-Play Markets Although you can back and lay in exactly the same way when betting in-play, a few things are different.

In the shadow of the post In JuneRising Shadow lined up as a well-supported favourite for the 4 p. But by mid-race, he was struggling at the back of the field and seemed to have lost all chance of winning. Two other horses, Pieter Brueghel and Ellens Academy, were both backed at short odds to win the race 1.

Betting In-Play 89 First, whenever a market goes in-play, the pre-event market зенит 11 бк suspended, all bets waiting to be matched are cancelled, and the market is reopened.

Second, Betfair employees actively manage some in-play markets. For example, in soccer matches that are covered in-play, the market is suspended and all unmatched bets cancelled following a sending off, a penalty, or a goal.

However, other markets are not actively managed. Third, bets placed in-play are often subject to a delay. This delay varies by event and is usually between 1 and 5 seconds and is outlined in the rules section of a market. If a betting delay is in operation, a clock-face begins to rotate in the betting panel after you submit your bet. Betting delays are used to protect customers who are offering odds and then notice that something has happened that means they no longer want to offer that bet.

The delay allows the customers to cancel their bets before they are matched. Always check the rules in any market to find out whether the event is to be actively managed in-play.

Going In-Play Crazy Betting in-play can be extraordinarily volatile, because the events that people are betting on are themselves volatile. Everyone remembers some sporting moment where a huge upset was caused, or a seemingly impossible comeback was achieved. Just as these moments provide great sporting drama, they also provide great in-play betting drama on Betfair.

A market is suspended at the start of the race with all unmatched bets cancelled, and then reopened for people to bet during the race. Even at this stage, the market can be volatile — with horses falling when looking like certain winners, or coming from nowhere to win. The market is suspended again when the first horse passes the post.

However, if a finish is particularly close and a photo is called for, or if the stewards call an enquiry meaning the result may get changedthe market is reopened once again and customers are allowed to continue betting — something that thousands of people do! Betting In-Play 91 snooker match, and people were amazed when both players traded at 1. Selections frequently trade at odds of 1. It may be a soccer доступ букмекерской зенит that is a goal up with seconds to play, a snooker player with what looks like a match winning position, or a golfer who needs only a double bogey to win a tournament.

Knowing Your Source of Information Live is not always live. If you bet in-play, pin up this phrase on your computer screen. Hang on!

In Maythe third round of the Rome Masters witnessed an amazing tennis match, and associated Betfair market. Andy Roddick wasand up in his best-of-three set match against Fernando Verdasco.

For a moment, it appeared that the match was over. Roddick was backed at the minimum odds of 1. In a display of sportsmanship, Roddick conceded that it was a bad call and gave Verdasco the point.

Verdasco went on to save two more match points in the game and eventually won the match. In the UK, a number of different terrestrial and satellite channels broadcast horse-racing. The disadvantages are obvious of betting in-play based on pictures that are delayed this much. For example, you can conceivably try to back a horse that has already fallen.

I frequently bet in-play using TV pictures that I know are a few seconds delayed, but I never bet in the final stages of a race, where those few seconds can be crucial to what may have happened.

Of course, horse-racing is not the only event where you need to be aware of these issues. At the opening hole, he shot a birdie three and all was well with his game. Thinking that Dredge had lost all chance of winning the tournament, many Betfair customers began to lay the golfer on the basis of this information — out to odds of Unfortunately for the layers, Dredge went on to equal the European Tour round record by shooting 60 for an unassailable eight-stroke lead.

This incident illustrates the importance of having full confidence in the information source you are using. And if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. The importance of knowing how up to date your source of information may be is not solely limited to TV pictures.

Radio stations broadcasting over the Internet and Web sites providing information on scores, results, and the like are all prone to being out of date and inaccurate. In the following sections, I outline a couple of examples, but hundreds more like these exist, and they will become apparent as you investigate in-play opportunities in your chosen event.

Know your event The most obvious way of profiting from in-play betting is to use your knowledge of a particular event. Many imponderables exist before an event starts, and so you have to bear in mind the difficulty of coming to a view on what will happen. Betting In-Play 95 find yourself with a value bet for an explanation of value see Chapter 6.

A good example is the sending off of a player in a soccer match. People often assume that the numerically superior team is going to dominate the stricken team, and so the odds available on both teams alter significantly. Frequently, however, the reduced team is able to alter their style of play and close the game down, and so people who overreacted and backed the numerically superior team at short odds often lose.

You can do your homework on these instances and get historical statistics to back up your betting decisions inplay. For example, look at a sample of soccer games when players have been sent off. What is the relationship between a player getting sent off and the number of goals the opposition goes on to score? This kind of information often enables you to profit from the overreactions of others.

We look at what it takes to make betting your living or at least a good second livingand on the flip side, how to recognize and deal with a betting problem. The conversation was going badly and got worse when she found out the occupation of my friend.

And yet the popular image is completely wrong. The very point of professional gambling is to emphasise any advantage you have while minimising risk. So, although many Betfair customers are continuing to gamble as they always have, for some, the thought of watching a race or a football match without knowing that they have already made a profit is anathema. Getting Serious Buying-Low, Selling-High In Trading, you back a selection at a high odds and then lay it at lower odds or conversely, lay a selection at low odds and back it at higher oddsand in the process guarantee yourself what is called a risk-free position.

I think of this method as the buy-low, sell-high of betting. Backing is betting that something will happen. See Chapter 5 for a full explanation. Putting theory into practice Golf is сравнение букмекерских контор онлайн good sport to illustrate how trading works in practice. The British Open is being held at St. Andrews — a course that favours players who hit the ball a long way.

As you expected, Tiger outdrives his competitors on every hole, что такое система ставок букмекерская he is three shots ahead of the field by the end of the second day.

The odds on Betfair have now shortened and Tiger is available at 2. At this point, you have two options: The latter term refers to the fact that having completed the trade, you have a positive, green number next to each selection in the market.

Navigate to the market you want to bet on. Click Settings near the top of the screen. The Market View Settings screen will appear as seen in Figure Adjusting the Market View settings.

You can use this function to vary the odds or stake of your proposed bet, and therefore create the position that you want. Knowing when to lock-in No hard rules exist as to when you should try to lock-in a profit and when you should just let your original bet ride. The decision depends on your betting strategy.

If you back Tiger Woods in the British Open at odds of 6. At what stage, if any, should you lay Tiger to guarantee a profit? The concept of value is central to knowing when to lockin.

See Chapter 6 for a full explanation of value. If Tiger is now available at odds of 2. If you think he has a greater chance than this, in theory you are not getting value by laying him at these odds. If however, you think he has less than a 50 per cent chance of winning the tournament, you are getting value.

But at the very least, you should ask yourself these questions: I know winners who always trade out of a position when they can guarantee a profit and others who would never trade out. But all these people have in common a strong opinion of whether the odds are in their favour or not.

Talk with any gambler in the world and I bet that person has a story about being unjustly denied a winning bet — a horse falling at the last fence when leading, a football team losing to a last minute goal, or Tiger Woods losing in the Open due to a change in weather conditions. The choice of whether to trade out really depends on your style of trading and attitude to risk.

But the option allows you the ability to profit from being nearly right, even when the gods conspire to take things away from you. If your opinion is wrong, the opportunity to trade out may well have passed. Although trading opportunities do present themselves when events move in your favour, they just as frequently do not present themselves!

No kind of trading is completely risk-free. If the market moves other than you predict, you lose money. The value of your investments can go down as well as up!


Live is not always live One afternoon inI came home to find my dad watching the tennis from Wimbledon on TV. An expensive lesson, but then all the valuable ones are. This year I was watching the Australian Open and noticed that odds kept disappearing as I went to bet them. Obviously, someone in Australia was enjoying a few seconds advantage over me due to the time it took the satellite pictures to cross half the world and reach my TV.

Winning on Betfair For Dummies

These people are closer to being financial market traders than gamblers. They are not interested in the result, or even how the event might progress: To make this assessment, these people rely on Betfair being a free market, or what economists refer to as a perfectly competitive market, where the odds available to back and lay or buy and sell are set by thousands of individuals competing against each other.

Supply and demand In a perfectly competitive market, prices are set on the basis of supply and demand. If more people want to back a particular selection because they think it will win than want to lay it, the odds on that selection get smaller, or shorten. On the flip side, if more people want to lay a selection because they think it will lose than want to back it, the odds on that selection get bigger, or drift.

The analogy of the stock market is again useful to illustrate this situation. Lots of people take his advice and start buying the stock. Therefore, demand goes up. The same happens in a Betfair market. Lots of people want to back a horse and the odds shorten, making it less lucrative for those who want to continue backing the horse. You can see this scenario day in and day out, on every market that is traded on Betfair.

I think of it as a big game of tug of war: When the amount of money on each side is equal, the odds remains constant, but as soon as an imbalance occurs as on Auction Room in Figure in the amount of money on either side, the odds move. The amount of money available to back or lay on any selection appears under the odds of that selection. Money queuing up on the lay side of the market. Getting Serious A horse-racing example In a horse-racing market, say that a lot of money is queuing-up on Auction Room on the lay side of the market the right-hand side.

This means that a lot of people want to back the horse. Thinking about supply and demand, this scenario means that the odds are likely to shorten. For more on this topic, see the section about supply and demand, earlier in this chapter.

A minute later, the same market looks like Figure More money on the lay side of the market shorten the odds further. The odds on Auction Room have shortened from 2. Trading on the lay side of the market see Figuresuggests that the odds are about to shorten even further. The money for Auction Room has now dried-up. Looking at the same market just before the race goes off, the odds on Auction Room have shortened to 2.

Profiting from these market movements follows the same principles of trading described earlier in the section Buying-Low Selling-High — the only difference is that the odds increments are now smaller.

You notice that money is building up on the lay side of the market for Auction Room. As you expected, the odds on Auction Room begin to shorten. Table Backing and laying the same selection at different odds can guarantee you a profit no matter who wins Result of Race 1st bet.

In some respects this is true, but the philosophy of a professional Betfair market trader платные стратегии ставок на спорт бесплатно to make low-risk trades like this frequently and often. And by taking this approach, profits can quickly add up. Not a bad living for a few hours of work a day.

Theoretically, you can trade any market in this fashion. For this reason, horse-racing is a particularly popular trading sport.

Lots of markets exist each day, and every one has a high level of volatility in the last ten minutes before the race is run. Effective trading relies on your ability to make speedy bets to get that all-green book.

Although not essential for all types of betting on Betfair, trading really requires a decent machine and a broadband Internet connection or equivalent. Traders sometimes use a technique called spoofing to trick others into altering the odds of a particular runner or team. Spoofing involves submitting a large bet to either back or lay a selection. Getting Serious the odds in the opposite direction. You can usually tell when someone is trying to spoof a market because an amount of money will appear that is completely out of kilter with the sums seen elsewhere in the market.

Exploring More Market Strategies The core market dynamic that moves odds in a particular direction is the amount of money available on the back and lay sides of the market. However, traders sometimes use a number of other concepts to help them assess what is likely to happen to any odds. These concepts are again borrowed from the world of the stock market and something called technical analysis. Лига ставок топ analysts talk about a lot of largely incomprehensible things.

Bollinger Bands. Relative Strength Indexes. And if you want to comprehend them, I recommend looking elsewhere! But one technique of technical analysis that is worth examination is mean reversion.

Mean reversion is based on the mathematical premise that all prices eventually move back toward the mean or average. Thus, if a stock is underperforming, its price will move toward its average value when the market rebounds.

On Betfair, if a horse has been trading at the same odds for a long period of time, you could say that the market has determined that price as the correct one for that horse. Trading that following a short-term movement in the odds, the market shortly corrects itself back to that average. Financial markets provide a good 1Хбет Букмекерская Контора Зеркало Сайта to help you understand how the Betfair market works, but the analogy should not be taken too far.

Although many people are using similar techniques to financial traders on Betfair, these techniques are not guaranteed to work in exactly the same way every time.

If the technique is successful, by all means start trading for money, Зенит Букмекерская Контора Зеркало Апрель again, keep stakes low at first.

This cautious approach allows you to check whether a particular strategy has merits in the long-term. Keeping One Eye on the Event As with the financial markets, rumour and counterrumour, and events both inside and outside the market, can affect the odds on Betfair. For example, the odds available on the horses may be affected if heavy rain begins to fall at a racecourse. When the rain starts, horses that are renowned as softground performers begin to shorten in the market, whereas the firmer ground specialists begin to drift.

In another example, if a contestant in a TV talent contest contracts bronchitis, his odds will begin to lengthen no matter what. Getting Serious Profiting from the patriots Some time ago, a friend of mine happened upon a great trading strategy. He noticed that in the hours before an England football match, the odds on England winning always shortened. He decided that this was due бетфаир русская patriotic English fans realising that the match was shortly going to start and wanting to add their financial backing to the team.

So whenever a big England match approached, my friend backed England to win as early as possible — knowing that he could lay the team back at lower odds just before kickoff. The plan worked well until the occasion when three late injury announcements made the odds on England drift dramatically.

Instead of trading out of his position for a loss, my friend decided to stand the bet. England lost. The lesson? Lots of factors affect odds and if a market turns against you, get out of your position quickly — plenty of opportunities will arise in the future to get the money back! The markets can also react to other factors. A popular newspaper writer or television presenter saying that they like a particular horse, can affect the market, as can a confident trainer appearing in a television interview.

The key point to remember is that lots of factors can affect the market on Betfair, and you need to be aware of them. Far better to get out of your bet for a guaranteed loss than to risk your entire stake in the vain hope that the market might turn in your favour. Another example of this similarity is the practice of arbitrage. On Betfair, however, arbitrage is called arbing, and people doing it are called arbers.

Economics textbooks tell you that arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a state of imbalance between two or more markets, by simultaneously striking deals in those markets that exploit the imbalance. In betting terms, arbing is when you guarantee yourself a risk-free position by backing a selection at a high odds while laying it at lower odds elsewhere. Getting Serious You may notice that the definition is almost identical to the one for trading that we covered in Chapter 8. The principle is exactly the same as buying-low and sellinghigh, or vice versa.

The only difference is that when arbing, you look to strike your bets simultaneously and in different markets, whereas with trading, you wait for an individual market to move in your favour, before placing your two bets at different times.

Betfair is used for two distinct types of arbing: In the s, however, when spread betting began to take off, people could both back and lay bet that something would not happen. Or as the spread betting companies called it, buy or sell. This innovation meant that for the first time arbing became something that you could do in sports betting, just as those clever chaps in the financial markets had been doing for years.

Low-risk Betting: Arbing But enough of the history lesson. And as often happens in events where countries compete against each other, patriotism overcame good sense. In this example, most English-based bookmakers offered England at odds of These odds were much shorter than they should have been, but the bookmakers were not concerned. They knew that people would back the team anyway. On Betfair, the odds were a bit better at around In Sweden on the other hand, punters cared less about the English team, and so a Swedish bookmaker was offering England at odds of Many switched-on arbers used this situation to massive advantage.

Table Simultaneously backing and laying the same selection at different odds with different bookmakers can guarantee you a profit no matter who wins Result of World Cup 1st bet. Betfair offers a number of different types of markets on most soccer matches. One of these is a Total Goals market, where you can bet on whether a game will have one goal or more, two goals or more, three goals or more, and so on.

Arbing Arbers: If you happen to win some money as well, even better. If not, at least you enjoyed the event and got some excitement from it. Arbers are a different kind of animal altogether.

One day I got a call from the Betfair Helpdesk, who had an irate German customer on the phone. The customer in question had spotted an arbing opportunity the previous day on a cricket match that was about to start and took it — he backed a team with another Internet bookmaker, and simultaneously laid the team on Betfair.

Were Betfair incompetent? What were we up to? Did we care about our customers at all? The problem was that the German customer knew nothing about cricket — he simply saw an arbing opportunity and took it. When this was explained to him, the customer said that he thought the situation was ridiculous: What kind of sport has a match that takes five days to complete?

I said that I understood his frustrations, but that he should probably take up this particular complaint with someone else. You may have already worked out that backing that a game will have three goals or more is exactly the same as backing that the game will have over 2. Therefore, on occasion, you can take advantage of arbing opportunities between these two markets. Getting Serious Say you notice that in the Total Goals market, 3 goals or more is available to back at 3.

Table Arbing opportunities also exist between different Betfair markets Number of goals in game 1st bet. Arbing We have rules for this Arbers were out in force for the Nissan Open golf tournament in February A friend of mine was happily backing golfers to win the tournament with a fixed-odds bookmaker and then laying them back with Betfair whenever he saw a mistake in the odds.

Both winning and losing bets placed on the exchange qualify for points and the more points, the less commission is charged. Customers receive 1 point for every 10p of commission paid on net winnings and 1 point for every 10p of commission that would have been paid on a net loss. Place a back bet at a bookmaker and the opposing lay bet at an exchange.

To find out more about OddsMonkey and matched betting in general, download our free introduction:. What is Betfair commission? What is the discount rate?

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