ТОП Букмекерских контор
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Betting football spreadsheet

You can enter the data of your choice. These examples are here to show you how to enter a bet or designate him as winner. You can enter your data freely. We strongly advised you not to deleting a column or a tab as this may alter the formulas and results. The settings function is the heart of the whole sports bet tracker.

Here you can compile a list of their most used betting companies, which types of sports they wager on and also the types of bets they make.

The benefit of this section is that users can chart which type of wagering is the most successful for them.

Have you ever wanted to get into trading cryptocurrency? I have added some links into the template to help you get started. Please see my demo of the template below from youtube version 4. Your order will dispatched instantly after receiving payment. Please look out for an email from Excel Template via e-junkie. You will be provided with a unique link to download your item. A CD copy can be sent on request to comply with ebay rules on digital sales.

For this service you will need to select the additional postage option before check out. The free cost of postage is for the email version ONLY. Payment marathonbet клиент made via PayPal.

Please pay as soon as possible after winning an auction, as that will allow you to receive you download link instantly! Refunds are not availableas you will have received a digital item that cannot be returned. As default you have the option to download and analyse up to 3 leagues at once with the option to increase this to 10 within the template.

To summaries, you will have access to 12 worksheets listed below: This provider is very reliable with updating the results and fixtures. Stats are summarised from the Data tab and grouped by a theme. You will have statistics on the last 5 team matches at Home, Away and both.

This is also home to the unique Accumulator Best Predicted Bet.

INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL International Football Betting Tips

If you decide to upgrade you can also get the same predictions for half time results, providing some great value. Showing some really value. Choose 1 bet from 5 options and it will keep track of your profit. This template comes with a complete user guide to help with any questions and help you to understand how to use the template. Some of the themes for the stats are: You will be able to pick from 22 different leagues upgradable to 38 over 11 countries, for the last 13 seasons of historical results.

All the latest results and fixtures including bookies odds are downloaded from the коэффициенты в букмекерских provided within seconds. A full list of all the countries available are listed below: This will not run using Open Office for example.

The file is only available in English. I particularly like the fact that input is automatic but parts could be manual if so wished. The extensive amount of data available nowadays for football matches can be a bit overwhelming but just using the the prediction capabilities included with the spreadsheet make for a quick way of identifying the best bets.

Проверенная покупка: Да Состояние товара: It does all the hard work in one click which automatically makes winning a whole lot easier. This is a must buy for all serious Soccer Punters 4. This is a great peace of software get it in time for new season. Great for finding value bet and see what price you should be getting. And you get great help from the owner very helpful. Definitely buy now. Takes the work out of digging through stats to find a winner, great time saver especially if you want to preview a lot of games at the weekend.

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В список отслеживания. Информация о фотографии. Наведите курсор мыши на изображение, чтобы увеличить его - Нажмите, чтобы увеличить. Покупайте с уверенностью. Гарантия возврата денег eBay. Вы получите ваш заказ, либо мы возместим его стоимость. Подробнее - открывается в новом окне или вкладке.

Связаться с продавцом. Показать другие товары Больше Показать. Microsoft Excel.

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Информация о товаре Состояние товара:. GBP 30, Войти в систему для оформления покупки Оформить покупку без регистрации. Предложить цену. Если страница не обновится сразу жепродолжите делать предложение. В список отслеживания Удалить из списка отслеживания. Список отслеживания заполнен. Please remember that football betting is always a gamble so please bet within your financial means. Do not bet the rent money or the power bill fund - no matter how sure you think the winner is. So feel free to look around the statistical system by viewing the Football Betting Spreadsheet online.

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